Executive Board Statement on the Recent Presidential Election

In the wake of the recent election, the editors and staff of this Journal reaffirm our commitment to fostering an open, inclusive, and democratic dialogue on policy issues. Such a dialogue reflects the diversity of GSPP students, faculty, and alumni and their loyalty to rigorous, fact-based policy analysis.

We condemn any speech and policy proposals furthered with the deliberate intent of scapegoating and oppressing marginalized communities. It is unacceptable to alienate members of the American community on the basis of their race, gender identity or expression, class, ethnicity, educational attainment, national origin, sexual orientation, ability, religion, political views, or citizenship status. Such behavior, overt or disguised, is especially reprehensible when it takes the form of a political campaign. The President-elect has exhibited racism and xenophobia, sentiments confirmed by his recent promotion of other individuals espousing such views to public office. The President-elect’s actions have already inspired hateful attacks on members of marginalized communities across the nation, including those in our own Berkeley. In all, we fear the President-elect’s actions threaten to undermine the foundations of the pluralist, liberal society in which policy analysis as a public endeavor has found a home.

As the student-led publication of a school committed to speaking truth to power, we cannot and will not permit threats to members of our community or our core values. As always, we welcome a debate—while insisting that any argument presented be based on the thoughtful evaluation of evidence and a sense of empathy rather than prejudice and the politics of fear.