The Case for Trump: Why the Don is the Only Serious Policy Option in 2016

by Rob Moore

While Trump has come under fire for his controversial comments on immigrants, muslims, and women, he is starting to emerge as the only serious policy candidate in 2016.

While candidates on the other side of the aisle like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton stoop to irrelevant topics like health coverage, income inequality, and rising college costs, Trump is the only candidate in the race so far who has made the size of his genitals a topic that everyone has to think about during a presidential debate.

While candidates in his own party like John Kasich and Ted Cruz has raised questions about the size of government and the role of America in the world, Trump has finally given “First Lady Hotness” the level of attention it hasn’t received since Jackie O.

While candidates like Donald Trump pre-campaign have put forth petty issues like a woman’s right to choose and health care for all, Donald Trump during-campaign has raised important issues like how to more effectively control women’s bodies and repealing Obamacare.

I think we’ve seen the evidence, and it’s quite clear: if you want a candidate who is talking about the issues that impact real Americans, Trump is your only choice.

Rob is an MPP Candidate at the Goldman School of Public Policy. He writes for Policy Matters Blog on topics of state policy, the politics of public policy, and April Fool’s jokes.